Grand Isle Coast-to-Coast

Cycling Map

Cycling Map
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Length of Ride: 19.0 Miles

Start / Stop: Start and End at the Grand Isle Ferry Dock / Ed Weed access Parking Lot located at 1268 Gordon’s Landing in Grand Isle. It is 3 miles from the intersection of Vt Routes 314 and 2 in South Hero.

This ride offers great lake and mountain views, nicely paved back roads, what I consider to be the nicest view of the Green Mountains over the lake on Town Line Road, and perhaps a glimpse of a seaplane s docked on East Shore North.. There is very little riding on Route 2 (about 2.5 miles) and less than a mile of gravel road. You will pass by a supermarket about 1/3 of the way along the route.

Starting at the Ferry Dock in Grand Isle, turn right (South) on to Route 314, and quickly take a left on to Bell Hill Road (.10). At the Stop sign turn right on to Pearl Street (.9) which will take you out to Route 2 (1.9). Turn right on Route 2, to go south for a small stretch. Be watching for the left hand turn on to Town Line Road (2.5) and just over a half mile up the road you will be looking out over what I think is a glorious view of the Green Mountains over the lake (3.2). Head down the hill, bearing left on to East Shore Road South (3.4), pass thru the Stop Sign (3.8) and continue on East Shore as it bears left and slightly uphill (5.4) back to Route 2 (5.8). Turn right on to Route 2 and in a half mile you will arrive at the A&B Supermarket on the left (6.5). There is a scoop shop here in the Summer, and a set of Port-o-Lets maintained by the Vermont Department of Tourism. From the parking lot you can see the windmills turning on Georgia Mountain to the East.

Continue North on Route 2 for a very short distance and take a right on to East Shore North (6.5). There is a great downhill ride here, flattening out at the Grand Isle Town Beach (7.2), and then a right hand turn in to the Grand Isle lake House (7.4) as you climb a very short but steep incline. Ride down the driveway to the Lake House where you can stop for a rest, use the picnic tables, admire the architecture, and get some more great views of the lake. The Lake House was built over 110 years ago, and hosted croquet tournaments on its expansive lawns and bridge parties on its wide porches. In 1997 the Lake House was purchased by the Preservation Trust of Vermont. The Lake House now hosts weddings, concerts and other private events.

Return back to East Shore Road, where you will pass a small, very protected bay (8.3) and then shortly start to ride very close to the lakeshore, passing Phelps Farm (9.7) on the left. Bear left and up a very slight hill and then turn right just as you see the greenhouses of Pomykala Farm (10.2). You’ll pass by the Pomykala Farm Stand on your left (10.3) and then continue riding on the edge of the lakeshore for some more great views, and perhaps the sighting of the seaplane.

East Shore Road bears left and up a hill (11.4), bringing you back to Route 2. Turn left on to Route 2 (11.9) for just over a mile and then turn right on to Griswold Road (13.2), having passed Canamak Farm on your left.

You’ll pass thru a stop sign (14.0) where Griswold turns to Moccasin Avenue. Be watching for a right hand turn on to Adams Landing Road (15.2). There is a very old-looking log home on the corner. This is a short gravel section that circles back to the intersection of Mocassin with West Shore Road (15.9) – and very beautiful. You will leave Adams Landing and continue South on West Shore Road for some great lake views now that look over to the Adirondack Mountains.

There is a Port-o-Let on the right (16.8) at the boat access; you will pass Quaker Road on your left (17.1). If you are in the mode for farm stand shopping, turn left onto Quaker Road, and there is an organic farm, Blue Heron Farm, in 0.4 miles on your right. After returning to West Shore Road from this diversion, continue cycling south a short distance and then turn right on to Route 314 (18.0). On Route 314, you will pass the Wilcox Golf Course and the Champlain Campground on the right. You’ll soon come to the Lake Champlain Basin Program offices on the left. LCBP is a congressionally-designated initiative to restore and protect the lake and its expansive watershed. On the right is the parking lot where this great ride started (19.0).

You’ve just completed a ride that has great views, nice pavement, and very little traffic.

Roads are mostly paved, with gravel only on Adams Landing Road. Nice downhills on Town Line Road and East Shore North; a very short and steep uphill at Grand Isle Lake House and an uphill on East Shore North just before arriving at Route 2.

A&B Supermarket 802-372-4531
Grand Isle Lake House 802-372-5024
Pomykala Farm 802-372-5157
Canamak Farm See Facebook 802-372-8258
Chamolain Basin Program 802-372-3213

Ferry Watch Inn 802-372-3935
Adams Landing B&B 802-372-3935

Cycling Amenities:
– Food and drinks at A&B Supermarket
– Port-O-Lets at A&B and Boat Access on West Shore Road

Author: Frank Driscoll