North Hero Natural Areas

Cycling Map

Cycling Map
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Length of Ride: 9.4 Miles

Start / Stop: Start and End at Camp Ingalls at the end of South End Road in North Hero (1769 South End Road).


This is a beautiful, short and flat, family-oriented cycling route on pavement that is book-ended by North Hero’s two natural areas. There are great lake views along the route and generally very little traffic. Be sure to look at the documents describing the natural areas before you take your ride – the links are listed below .

Stop at Hero’s Welcome in North Hero Village on your way to Camp Ingalls to pick up cycling and / or picnicking drinks and food, and plan a picnic at either of the natural areas.

Starting at Camp Ingalls, the site of Butternut Hill Natural Area – a 1 mile walk along a conserved floodplain forest- ride North and bear right (.4) to stay on South End Road. Pass by Old West Shore Road on your left (.6), and then turn left on to (new) West Shore Road (.9). You’ll pass by the North Hero Transfer Station on your right, have some great lake views, and then turn left on to Station Road (2.5) followed by a quick right hand turn on to Pelots Point Road (2.6) As you turn on to Pelots Point Road there are beautiful open view of the Lake.

Continue on Pelots Point Road for about a mile and then arrive at the Pelots Natural Area (3.7). There are 3 miles of walking trails through forests and meadows, and alongside a swamp and the bay. There is an interpretive walking trail along the old Rutland Railway train track bed.

Leaving the Natural Area, you turn right and continue your ride to North Hero Marina at the end of the road (4.7).
Return to Camp Ingalls by doing the ride in reverse – noting that the views across the Lake seem new and different as you look at the Lake from a northerly perspective.

Good paved road for most all of the ride. Gravel section is well-packed. Very flat !!

Hero’s Welcome 802-372-4161
Butternut Hill
Pelots Natural Area

North Hero House 800-525-3644

Cycling Amenities:
Port-a-Lets at Pelots Natural Area and in North Hero Village at the Community House

Author: Frank Driscoll