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Parking Site / Business Location COMMENT
North Hero Hero’s Welcome 3643 Rte 2 North Hero Village
Camp Ingalls South End Rd And a 1 mile Natural Trail
North Hero State Park 3803 Lakeview Drive Parking at pubic beach
Knight Point State Park 44 Knight Point rd North of Draw Bridge
North Hero School 6441 Rte 2 Weekends during school year
South Hero Folsom School 75 South St Weekends during school year
Snow Farm Winery 190 West Shore Rd
White’s Beach West Shore Rd 3/4 mile north of South St
Sandbar State park 1215 Rte 2, Milton South of causeway; across from State park
Isle la Motte Recreation Area School St
St Anne’s Beach West Shore Rd At Saint Anne’s Shrine. And a picnic area.
Grand Isle Grand Isle School 224 Rte 2 Weekends during school year
Alburgh Vt Welcome Center Rte 2 North of Alburgh Village; 802-796-3980